No. RainPulse is the only high performance single stack rainwater management system available on the market which drains from the gutter outlet directly into the ground drainage. No high level (horizontal) pipes are used.

Performance – RainPulse rainwater outlets discharge independently of each other which means if there was a blockage the remaining rainwater outlets will pulse more regularly draining the requirements. Protection – Robust built-in leaf guard. The system is self-cleaning. Outlets are not dependant on a high-level horizontal pipe transferring all the water from the roof to the ground drainage. Cost – Push-fit pipes do away with the need for a specialist contractor.

Performance – At least 50% of fewer outlets are required when compared to a gravity-fed drainage system. Protection – Robust built-in leaf guard & the system is self-cleaning. Smaller pipes – maximum pipe diameter is 110mm.

Gravity-fed drainage systems are restricted by the natural vortex of water that takes place and the limiting factor of the downpipe. The British Standard EN 12056 states because the vortex of water creates air, the pipe is limited to a filling capacity of 1/3 water, 2/3 air. The RainPulse rainwater outlet has been designed with an anti-vortex plate that restricts air from getting into the pipe when working at maximum capacity, allowing the pipe capacity to be maximized (3/3 water).

On a comparable roof the RainPulse rainwater management system (gutter, outlet, downpipe & installation) should at least be on parity with a gravity fed drainage system and will show a significant saving when compared with a siphonic drainage system.

Yes. Tested by The University of Sheffield. The system has been tested to UKAS calibration for flow calculations/debris effect and to BS EN 12056 for membrane clamp test, crush stability test, heat test, and also independently by UKAS Calibration for flow rig test capacity to an analytical design program.

he Rainpulse rainwater management system was launched in 2009 and is sold all over the world. CGL are the licence holders for the UK.

Yes. Contact sales@rainpulse.co.uk for a suitable drainage contractors depending on location/project size.

No. Standard plastic PVC pipes cannot be used, only HDPE pipes or Aluminium pipes can be used.

No. Each RainPulse stack works to 100% capacity during the pulsing phase leaving no capacity in the stack for another outlet to be added.

The British Standard BS12056 part 3 states drainage overflows should not be included as part of the overall roof drainage calculations, however, good working practice would be at least to have a tell-tale overflow per run.

No. The RainPulse rainwater management system does not have any moving parts.

CGL will perform roof drainage calculations based on information supplied by the customer, alternatively, customers can register for our free roof drainage calculation software – GDT2. To sign up for the roof drainage calculation software click this link.

Running rainwater naturally makes a noise, however, RainPulse rainwater management will create no more noise than a gravity-fed drainage system.