Rynna-line is a non-insulated, gutter re-lining system for old or failing gutters in need of refurbishment. Rynna-line is fully weathered by Sikaplan 12D Tex PVC membrane which is factory laminated to 0.6mm thick galvanised steel, compliant to: BS EN 10346 Grade DX51D. Standard lengths are manufactured in 3 metres. With a CLASS A 1.2mm membrane thickness.]

Joint Detail

The gutter joints are formed by hot air welding the PVC membrane over a mechanical join in the galvanised steel substrate, creating a unique and strong joint system. The membrane is 1.2mm thick, light grey and resistant to normal pollutants and marine atmospheres. It will not support mould or vegetation growth.

System Components

The Rynna-line system allows for bespoke manufactured materials to re-line existing outlets, overflows and sump units or alternatively standard sizes can be supplied where necessary.

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