Membrane Lined Gutter


With a product life expectancy in excess of 40 years, our unique gutter systems can be lined with a variety of membranes to suit your individual building requirements.

CGL is the market leader in the design and manufacture of industrial and commercial membrane-lined gutter systems for use with gravity fed, siphonic and RainPulse drainage systems. In 1980 there was a demand for more thermally efficient building systems and components. CGL reacted to this demand by inventing and patenting the membrane-lined gutter systems in single skin and insulated. These gutters offer some key points.

  • A 25-year warranty is available on request.
  • The product life expectancy of more than 40 years.
  • Unique overlap joint details to reduce the number of joints by 50% resulting in time savings on install.
  • Gutters can be fully designed to withstand foot traffic and live loads. Please contact our technical team.
  • Both single skin and insulated gutters are supplied in 3000mm lengths as standard, however, can be factory jointed to allow the supply of 6000mm gutters, further reducing the number of site joints.
  • Gutters can be insulated using PIR or Rockwool RW5 to suit your requirements.
  • Fully designed for walkway traffic during install and maintenance.
  • Our standard Sikaplan 12D-tex membrane is designed and manufactured with a textured finish to reduce slippage and avoid having to use walkway tiles. We hold stocks of this membrane to reduce lead-in times.
  • CGL Gutters can be lined with a variety of membranes to suit the building requirements (Not stock) We can offer Sika-Trocal, Sarnafil, Armourplan and more, please contact our sales team for more information.


Backed by Merson Group and over 80 years of manufacturing expertise, we have the expertise and resources to deliver projects of every scale.


We have all of the necessary training and accreditations to deliver your needs in a safe, compliant and sustainable manner. With over 80 years of manufacturing excellence, we are dedicated to the achieving standards of excellence in every area of our business..


The Stratford City shopping centre project was designed and installed by Red Architectural for Westfield Group, an Australian property developer. In addition to the RainPulse system, CGL also supplied the TECU Brass CGL Shingles which have been used for cladding the exterior of the building.


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