Westfield Stratford City

The Stratford City shopping centre project was designed and installed by Red Architectural for Westfield Group, an Australian property developer. In addition to the RainPulse system, CGL also supplied the TECU Brass CGL Shingles which have been used for cladding the exterior of the building. Due to the nature of the roof design RainPulse was the only option; syphonic outlets wouldn’t have fitted and a traditional gravity fed system would have required too many outlets.

The RainPulse rainwater management system has a number of operational advantages; it greatly reduces the number of outlets, downpipes and ground works required and cuts the installation time by half. The result is improved roof-to-ground drainage performance whilst still managing to achieve a less cluttered aesthetic.

Client – Westfield Group
Architect – Red Architectural Ltd
Main Contractor – Volker Fitzpatrick
Installer – Red Architectural Ltd