RainPulse OUTLET

The patented high-performance roof drainage system from CGL offering increased building protection and up to 60% reduction in outlets and downpipes. RainPulse is also the only push fit solution in the UK.

The RainPulse outlet is specially designed to maximise the efficiency of moving rainwater from the gutter into the downpipe. This is achieved by removing the vortex action created by air entering the downpipe during heavy rainfall.

Outlet Features

  • High water flow (pulse) of up to 60 litres per second, per outlet
  • High water flow (pulse) allows the system to self clean the downpipes
  • Works to maximum capacity with a 100mm head of water, helping to reduce the gutter depth/cost
  • The outlet comes with a built in leaf/bird guard for added protection
  • Outlet has been robustly designed to withstand foot traffic

The outlets efficiency has been tested and its capabilities are incorporated into our design software that allows CGL to design the relevant amount of drainage outlets and pipes to suit each project. The drainage outlets have been tested at the University of Sheffield to BS-EN 1253-2;2003 and complies with BS EN 12056-3 2000


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